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Anyone that’s good with Chakras/Stones/Healing sort of thing can you tell me if this is normal?

So today my set of Chakra stones arrived in the mail and I laid them all out along my leg just to look at them and then I could suddenly almost feel their energy, like I got this odd tingly sensation through my body that I’ve hardly ever experienced before. It ended in me pretty much getting a huge shiver but the feeling didn’t go away until I took the stones off me again.

This has happened twice before both times when I was holding a piece of my Carnelian in my hand, but this time the feeling was amplified.

I was just wondering if this is a normal thing? Is it a good sign that the stones are full of this energy, or is it something else?

I would really love people’s opinions!

Make Your Own Dreamcatcher!


Hi everyone! I’m Erin and today I thought I’d teach you how to make something I’ve seen popping up all over the place recently; dreamcatchers! Shops will try to sell you dreamcatchers for crazy prices, but today I’m here to help you make your own. Save money and get crafty all at the same time!

I’m now part of the team over at Bohemian Aesthetic to help guide you on living your most wonderful life. My first craft has just been uploaded, and if you fancy learning how to make your own dreamcatcher head on over to find out how!